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Hi, I’m Kari.

Root Cause Medicine Expert

I know firsthand what it's like to navigate through the relentless fatigue and exhaustion that seems to have no end. Back in 2019, I found myself in a place of desperation, seeking answers for my persistent lack of energy. Frustrated with the same response from doctors insisting that feeling tired is just a normal part of motherhood, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

My desire was simple: I wanted to feel good and have enduring energy so that I could truly enjoy the moments with my kids, friends, and spouse without the weight of resentment for the energy they seemed to drain from me.

For the better part of my adult life, I battled severe fatigue, PMS, painful periods, migraines, hormonal imbalances, infertility, digestive issues, depression, and anxiety. Countless visits to doctors yielded no answers – just reassurances that everything was "normal" based on standard lab results.

In 2019, I reached a breaking point. On prescription medications for migraines, anxiety, and depression, and contemplating surgery for relief from PMS and excruciating period pain, I was told my pain wasn't "bad enough" for surgery due to my active lifestyle. Prescription hormone support was offered as an alternative, leaving me frustrated and scared of living in constant pain.

Then came a Divine encounter in a coffee shop with a health coach. That encounter marked the turning point in my life. Under her guidance, I discovered a severe H. pylori infection during a simple test – a revelation that hadn't been explored in my previous medical visits.

This discovery not only brought relief but also ignited a realization: how many other women out there, like me, were dismissed by their doctors without a proper exploration of their health issues? Empowered by my health coach, after six months, I experienced a remarkable transformation – increased energy, freedom from antidepressants, and improved digestive health.

This newfound hope and healing inspired me to become a health coach myself. I'm on a mission to guide and lead women to the same freedom I discovered – a life filled with vitality and joy. Together, let's navigate your unique health journey and unlock the path to lasting energy and well-being.

Kari Downer RN, NTP, FDN-P


My Approach:

I believe our bodies were created to heal.  We have inherent healing capacities within us. Through nutrition and lifestyle changes, I help women tap into their innate intelligence for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Unlike many programs that overlook the true causes of fatigue, my approach is rooted in identifying and addressing the core issues.

Services Offered:

  • 1:1 Coaching:

    • 6 months duration.
    • 8 coaching sessions covering physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing.
  • Functional Lab Screenings:

    • Oligoscan 
    • Minerals
    • Heavy Metals
    • Industrial Toxins
    • Mycotoxins
    • Hormones (DUTCH & Thyroid Panel)
    • Blood Chemistry
  • Group Course:

    • "Beyond the Scale" simple steps to healthy living in a toxic world. 
  • Additional Assessments:

    • Utilize muscle testing, Oligoscan, symptomatology, and more to understand your unique needs.
  • Root Cause Medicine
    • Discover the deeper causes of your fatigue by identifying your "true" root causes such as mold, heavy metals, parasites, trauma, nervous system toxicity, radioactive elements, dental infections...

If you're ready to regain your energy and transform your life, my personalized and comprehensive program is here to guide you on a journey from fatigue to vibrancy.

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  • Nutrition and Beyond

    I was tired all day, every day before I met with Kari (and I consider myself a pretty healthy person). She really helped me figure out what was going on with my body and regain my energy. Worth every penny!

    Krista K. ,

  • Nutrition and Beyond

    Kari is extremely knowledgeable in what she does. I have been through many avenues of trying to figure out my body holistically and have not had as much near as success in the right direction as I have working with Kari! Through the whole process she has helped with all of my symptoms and have helped correct the core problem in my body focusing on me as an individual and what my body needs. I would recommend her to anyone I know!

    Shannon S. ,

  • Nutrition and Beyond

    Kari has extensive knowledge in nutrition and supplements. It was overwhelming knowing where to begin. Kari broke it down into manageable steps. I have made changes to my diet that I never thought were possible. She has been encouraging every step of the way. I am very grateful for all her support through my healing journey.

    Kristin S. ,

  • Nutrition and Beyond

    Kari has played a significant role in my healing journey. When I met Kari, I was barely functioning and not sleeping. Today I am working, involved in church, taking care of my daughter, and sleeping every night. I attribute all my success to God, Kari, and therapy. I love that Kari provides care that is not a one-size-fits-all approach. She works with you holistically--and seeks to see healing in her clients by getting at the root causes. She is also a very compassionate practitioner and listens well to what you have to say about your health. She is passionate about her work, truly cares, and wants to see you find healing. If you have been dissatisfied with the care you have been receiving and not seeing results in healing, I 100% recommend giving Kari a shot.

    Rebecca B. ,

  • Nutrition and Beyond

    I was so glad to find Kari at a time when I wasn't getting prompt or very helpful answers about my health concerns from local medical doctors. Just a few months in and I'm already feeling much better energy-wise and my menstrual cycle is more regular and less painful than it has been in years! I greatly appreciate her insight into the issues I'm trying to resolve and I fully trust her research and recommendations because I know she uses the same methods herself. She is compassionate, understanding and patient which is exactly what I needed. Kari has been such a blessing to me and I think her desire to truly help others makes her a great practitioner.

    M.B. ,